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Great Story and Characters

Love in B Minor (Broken Dreams Book 3) - Elodie Nowodazkij

Jen almost gets mugged in Paris but a man comes to her rescue who says his name is Clement even though his first name is really Lucas. Jen tells him her name is Laura as she only planned on a one night stand and never seeing him again. Just to forget for a minute everything that has happened to her. Jen’s six year old sister had died from cancer less than a year ago and she had pushed Jen to go to Paris Jen thought the new treatment may be working and did as Mia wanted. Mia died not to long after Jen had went to Paris. Lucas had his heartbroken by his ex girlfriend Olivia  who had used him and lied. Also Luke’s best friend Benji had died of an overdose while trying to get clean.So both Jen and Lucas were still hurting a lot. Lucas was in a band that had also had Benji and Olivia in it. The band had went on a break after Benji had died and were now planning a comeback. Olivia also wanted back in the band. She seems to have learned from her mistakes even if Lucas is moving on.

I absolutely loved this story. Not your regular rock band story but i loved the difference. I love the characters all of them except Olivia naturally. I also love the twists and turns Jen and Lucas go through even of some were painful. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.