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Good Story and Characters

Secrets that Simmer: A Wolf Shifter Romance Suspense (Urban Dwellers Book 2) - Ivy Sinclair

Tony was thirty-four an author, as well as a psychologist, and wolf shifter. Tony’s family was rich his father was in politics and had wanted Tony to follow in his footsteps but that isn’t what Tony wanted to do with his life. Tony also testified in shifter cases of his choice. Maggie O’Hara was a assistant D A on the rise. Maggie received an envelope from a courier  rather late on a Friday night. It had a picture of Tony and an article about a cold case that happened in Virginia from 1999 of a suspected homicide of three young women but no bodies were found. Maggie went to an engagement she knew Tony was to speak at and stopped him and asked him what he knew about October twenty-third, 1999.Tony also found out that night that Maggie was his fated mate. But he was shocked that Maggie was questioning about that date.

I really loved this story until the last couple of chapters then it was a whole other story and to top it off ended in a cliffhanger which i hate and is happening more and more. Otherwise this would have been a five. But I think the ending should have been a different story, the next part  to this. Anyway i did love the characters and all the twists and turns other than Jullian.  I recommend just know the cliffhanger part and change in story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.