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Good Story and Characters

Othernaturals Book Three: Bloodfather - Christina Harlin, diversepixel.com

Jon’s mother can not get over his death even though it happened 30 years ago. Andrew Fletcher was a psychic and with Rosemary Hughes urging him joined the Othernaturals team and his gift allows for him to see Jon’s ghost. Andrew had been involved in the tragic death of people ten years before. now he has a chance at redemption. A man who turned into a blood father had  caused Jon’s death. This ghost was haunting a church.

I don’t usually get too much into ghost stories but I have to admit this one is really good. Also for a chance to redeem oneself is also an added plus factor. We also gain knowledge of another type of creature/ ghost whatever you want to call it. I wished I had read the other two books before this I may yet . But either way I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.