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Good Story and Characters

Ophelia's Muse - Rita Cameron

Lizzie is nineteen and works in a millinery shop making bonnets. The head milliner was Mrs Tozer, she told Lizzie to go home as she would be working in front of the shop in the morning. Lizzie had no friends in the girls she worked with so she just left without goodbye. Dante Rosetti was sitting through a lecture at the Royal Academy Of Arts. he was completely bored with the lecture and not so sure he wanted to finish the academy just for a promise of a steady income from his art as there was very strict parameters he would have to paint in. Dante had  joined a new group of artists that wanted to change the face of art in England. Walter Deverell is also an artist sees her at the shop when he is there with his mother. He asks Lizzie to pose for him if a lady chaperon was provided otherwise Lizzie’s reputation would be shot. Then Dante sees Lizzie and is completely enthralled with her but his family doesn’t feel Lizzie is good enough for Dante. So Lizzie ends up his mistress as well as his muse.

This was a good story especially knowing these people actually existed though the story was fiction. It taught me about that era and what it meant to be an artist and the censor to be a woman who is painted. I liked the characters a lot especially Dante and Lizzie and their love but differences as well as the other problems in their relationship. This story does drag some for me in places but not enough for me not to finish the book. I recommend.

‘I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.