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Great Story and Characters

Placid Girl - Brenna Ehrlich

Hallie who is seventeen and Sarah have their own band.Hallie is really into a band called Haze and all the members wear a mask. They only put out one album then just seem to disappear and it had been five years. Hallie has a panic attack when Sarah suggests she do her new song “ Smaller Town”. They do instead a song from Kaze. they play punk music just like at the Venus they were at. Hallie and Sarah had formed their band in fourth grade. The band's name was My Friends Band. Sarah is quite the lover of men whereas Hallie can't even talk to them Then Hallie notices an extra hit on her picture app and the person looks like Haze or one of the members anyway. But no one had heard from him in five years and no one knows who he is..  Also the band is from Hallie’s home town. Hallie asks ZZZ if he is who she thinks he is. he said he may be but he wants to talk about her. Hallie then meets Steve who is  music store clerk but also  a blogger - questions and answers and reviews of Haze’s cover bands including Hallie’s.

i really loved this story. I know it’s odd and maybe has a few too many twists and turns but that doesn’t take away from the story for me. In a lot of ways it seemed very realistic to me. I also like the characters especially Hallie and all the twists and turns she went through. I must say Sarah is one of my least favorite characters I just believe she portrayed a good best friend. Anyway I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review