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The English Son: The Amish Millionaire Part 1 - Jean Brunstetter, Wanda E. Brunstetter

Joel was a general contractor whose fiance was Kristi . He just bought a 1967 Corvette with money from a job he had completed but he did not pay his subcontractors and the next big job he thought he was suppose to start right away was given to another contractor.So now he didn’t know what he would do enless he got another big job and got the down payment to pay the other workers. He even took money out of the account Kristi and he had that was for their future  and didn’t discuss it with her but that wasn’t enough either but he refused to give up the car he had wanted for a very long time. He had yet to buy Kristi her ring. In the end he figured he would have to go to his father. His father and sisters were Amish but Joel waked away and rarely saw his family.Kristi had brought up meeting his family especially as she knew nothing about them and Joel had met her family.

I didn’t care for this story much at all. First of all the story jumped all around and that drove me crazy. The story was not true to the Amish way at least not by what I had seen and read of the Amish. First of all the Amish wants as little as possible to do with the outside world. Also an Amish man would never put oil wells on his land or have that much interaction with the English, Also the Amish are a very thrifty people and I have never heard of an Amish hoarded. And then the story seem to drag a lot. I read sixty percent of the story it was the same dragging and scattering people and places.