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Good Story and Characters

Darkness Torn Asunder (The Paladin) - Alexis Morgan

Emmett has been in prison a long time for something he didn’t do yet eventually the man who had committed the crime finally confessed  he did it and Emmett was released from prison. Emmett doesn’t know it but he is not human although he does know he heals quicker than any human he knows of but he keeps that to himself. two men show up and offer Emmett a job then tell Emmett some crazy stuff and he says no to the job. Then Emmett gets a job tending bar. Emmett gets hurt even though he doesn’t really need to as he heals so fast he goes to the clinic to keep up appearances. At the clinic he meets Jada who is a doctor there. Jada lets Emmett know she likes him. After a while he begins to care about Jada and would do anything to protect her. After some bizarre events Emmett realizes those met who he thought talked crazy are actually telling the truth and are like him and he now knows what he is.

A pretty good story for being a novella. It gives a lot of information for so short a story. The characters were good especially Emmett and Jada and all the ins and outs they go through. I recommend. however I also recommend you read the previous books before this one just makes it that much easier to understand.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.