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Great Story and Characters

Losing Control - Jen Frederick

Victoria/Tiny is twenty five and a bike courier with a learning disability as she has dyslexia . She also looks after her mom who is the most important person in the world to her. But her mom now has cancer. Her mother then gets worse and tiny needs more money. Then Tina meets Ian who is thirty two and instantly wants her. Ian is rich and propositions Tiny . Tina refuses but he just doesn’t give up and move on to someone else. Ian scares Tiny as she just doesn’t have time for him so she runs. Then Tiny has no choice but to work for her step brother Malcolm and his not so legal business. But not for long as Ian is chasing her and turns up every where she goes. . Even though he doesn’t really want to Ian hires Tiny to help him with a project he is working on. Ian shows Tiny he cares right off he moves her and her mom to a much better place to live and pampering her anyway he can. Tiny is having a problem with all this as she is very independent even with her disability and she is used to controlling all that happens to her. Ian was just everything: caring, tender, sensitive, and loving but at the same time jealous and possessive and so much more. Ian even gives Tiny a special nickname of “ Bunny” as she tried to run.

This story is awesome .tiny is so loyal and true to her mom in her time of need. Ian trying to make everything right for Tiny/bunny. You really can’t ask for  a whole lot more in a story. The characters themselves what can i say awesome great and some not so nice, i absolutely loved all the ins and outs Tiny and Ian went through. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.