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Great Story and Characters

Awakening (The Dark Rituals, Book 1) - Catrina Burgess

Colina is a healer had a terrible loss of her family. She goes looking for the death dealers. She wants revenge. She meets Luke and Darla who are brother and sister and both death dealers. Luke becomes her mentor even though death dealer is the very thing she has been warned about all her life. But terror is what pushed her to the dark side to feel safe as well as to get her revenge she thinks she wants. Colina is to go through three dark rituals.

I enjoyed this book it was a very good read and the plot was also good. The pain Colina feels and all she goes through makes it very hard to put this book down until you have read the last page. The characters were great especially Colina and Luke and all they go through is captivating. I love the story and the characters ,I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.