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Good Story and Characters

Raw and Dirty: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Bad Boys MC Trilogy Book 1) - Violet Blaze

Royal was president of the Alpha Wolves MC . Lyric was the mayor’s daughter and she herself was the deputy mayor. Which basically did what her father didn’t really want to deal with. Her mission was to get Royal to sign the proposals that were written up. Although Lyric had lost control and had sex with Royal. All Lyric’s dad Philip really cares about is work, parties, or what the neighbors think. Lyric long ago accepted that about her father. Lyric’s brother sully stopped at her house and let her know that he as well as her dad knew she had called Brent who was an FBI agent. Lyric can’t really seem to stay away from Royal once she slept with him.

The story and plot was predictable for the most part. But somehow that didn’t really matter The characters were good although did not really like Lyric. She was one thing during the day and totally different at night . But Royal was really the star of this story. Royal didn't try to be anything other than what he was. The other thing I had a little bit of a problem with how he treated Lyric at times.I do recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.