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Good Story and Characters

The Fiction of Forever (A Stand By Me Novel Book 2) - Brinda Berry

Kiley had a secret crush on Gunner for a long time. Then when they were teens all of a sudden Gunner stops talking to her and breaks her heart. What Kiley doesn’t know is Gunner loved her for a long time and as far as Gunner was concerned Kiley is the one that got away. Kiley’s fiance is a control freak and wanted her to give up everything to be his wife. Kiley finally decides to break things off before she is miserable in the marriage. She is a host to a reality dating game show on tv called Forever that her father is the producer of.Gunner goes on the show. But Gunner doesn’t believe in love or marriage.

I liked the plot and story Sometimes I laughed and sometimes I choked up and a tear or tear went down my cheek. The thing that didn’t really work for me was the reality show just didn’t make any sense to me but then again that's me. the characters were really good. I loved Kiley and all she went through. I think Gunner was a good character but he did run in the ground about being single and pushing Kiley away yet he really didn’t back up why. But I do recommend.