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Great Story and Characters

The Silent Girls - Ann Troup

Edie went to her Aunt Dolly house after she passed away to go to the funeral . But she also has to clean out the moldering house and put aside anything she finds of value as her aunt had left .behind a lot of debt.. Even though Edie did not see any evidence of her aunt needing money.It had been over thirty years since Edie had been to her aunts , she had only been a child. Edie called her sister Rose to let her know she made it and the house was in real bad shape. Edie was reminded that the street was known for five terrible murders as a murder tour went through and stopped at the house. . While Edie was cleaning the house a young homeless girl by the name of Sophie let herself in . She told Edie Dolly had let her stay when she needed to in return Sophie was to help clean up the place.

I loved this story and plot but was really creepy in some places which I liked. So many secrets to be found out and revealed. Some things believed to be true just were not. The characters were great also I really liked Sophie and Edie.All the twists and turns they went through in this story. Also how they built a true friendship. Anyway excellent story I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.