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Great Story and Characters

Rescuing the Bad Boy - Jessica Lemmon

Seven years before Donovan had lived in Evergreen Cove. he had been abused and burnt by his father regularly no one had ever shown him any love. Then he has Sophie who tries to show him how much she does care even giving Donovan her virginity and it scares him and he leaves breaking Sophie’s heart. now Donovan has inherited an Evergreen cove mansion from his family, he wants to fix it up and sell it he already has a buyer. Then he finds out there is a contract connected to an charity event to make money to buy abused children a group home. The event planner with the contract was Sophie. Donovan wanted to see if the contract could be cancelled. But the event goes  on so Sophie and Donovan are forced to work together   as they do Sophie gets to understand why Donovan acted as he did. Donovan’s attraction to Sophie is even stronger than before.

I truly loved this story and plot made me smile at times and tear up at others. This story was just awesome. The characters were off the wall Donovan and all he went through and all the twists and turns Sophie went through. This was just heart wrenching at times. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review