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Great Story and Characters

You for Christmas - Madeline Ash

When Regan was sixteen  she stole twenty thousand dollars from her foster father. Something horrible had happened and Regan needs to go. But on Felix’s last day of classes she shoves a lot of money- ten thousand - down his pants so he can leave his abusive father and go after his dreams. Regan has two requests take her sister Stevie who is eighteen with him and never tell her where he got the money. Eight years later Regan had a life threatening accident she then decides to come back. She shows up on Felix’s door step the only place she ever felt safe. Felix is now a computer programmer so he has in fact done something with his life. Regan is a very troubled and broken woman who has built a wall around her heart to protect herself after being so traumatized as a teen. She became a loner and only had herself. But after the accident she decided she wanted to learn how to trust again and let people in her life especially Stevie and Felix if they will have her. Felix’s and Regan’s friendship grows into something hot quickly.

I loved this story and plot not your usual Christmas story but it shows the urge to feel and connect with people even after a horrendous past.  It was an awesome but a little bit different read as no one should go through what Regan did in her teens. But Felix is there to help her. This story seems realistic like it could happen. I loved the characters even if Regan seemed hard to love at times but after all she went through and cut herself off couldn’t really blame her for the way she was. Loved Felix everyone should have a Felix in their life. Anyway I highly recommend,

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.