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Great Story and Characters

Daddy Knows Best - Normandie Alleman

Tabitha calls her boyfriend Neal “ Daddy” and he calls her “ Little Girl”. Neal has talked Tabitha into letting go of her job and moving with him. Tabitha was a trader and the stress of her job was giving her health issues. But in reality Tabitha lied to Neal she didn’t quit she took a leave of absence. Neal really loves Tabitha and really treats her good what will she do ? I really loved this story and plot. It had different facets like being serious or funny or just plain sweet . I also taught you about a  different kind of sex group that had their own community to live and thrive. Anyway I love the characters although I must say I liked Neal more than Tabitha. But still liked her also and understood her drive. Great story in all aspects. I definitely recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.