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Good Story and Characters

Vindicate: A Recovered Innocence Novel - Beth Yarnall

Cora was sixteen when her brother Beau was sent to prison for the rape and murder of his girlfriend. Cora firmly believed he didn’t do it although her parents didn't believe he was innocent like Cora so she moved away from them. Then for the next five and one half  years Cora tried to find a way to prove Beau was innocent. Then she heard an ad from the radio about NASH Security and Investigations Co Leo’s father owns Nash Security and all Leo wants to do is finish law school and move on. Leo is a player but then Cora walks in to Nash Securities and is asking them to take her pro bono . Leo decides to help her. Then he changes his ways as he really wants Cora and not just for one night.

I really loved this story and plot . It caught me right from the beginning . My heart went out to Cora and all the sacrifices she made for Beau. As far as the  characters go they were great especially Cora and all the twists and turns she went through. Leo was a good character to and I am glad he decided to change for Cora. The only problem I did have I didn’t really care for the ending. But I figure this is an opening for another book. So having said that I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.