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good story and characters

Within - Keith Deininger

Art collector Harold Klimt comes to live in Upshaw mansion. The mansion is a place that has been linked to mysteries and bad things seem to happen around the mansion. Harold himself is a mysterious man but starts throwing parties and sends invitations for people to attend. Colin and his friend Derek were out for a ride and got hit two different times Eric doesn’t make it and dies. There is a house across the street from the mansion Maddie and Jeremy and three others live there. When Rich moves out Colin moves in. Colin and his housemates all go to one of the parties at the mansion. While there Colin is offered a job to do a mural in the cellar. But things started to go downhill as the mural emerges.

I didn’t understand all of this story I think there was just far too many characters. But the characters I did like felt real to me and I did like that a lot. Also some mysteries remained that were in the story. Well I did like the plot and story [ except where didn’t understand it as I have already mentioned ]. Yes it even spooked me at times. All and all was a good horror story and I do recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.