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Focus: Exposure Series Book Two - Annie Jocoby

CJ was a photographer who used to go after celebrities and make a lot of money. Then after the death of her four year old brother she did not leave her apartment for six months. At that time she is out of money and has no choice. But when she does leave she has a panic attack and passes out. When she comes to she in an unfamiliar penthouse. She does start to panic again but Asher seems to be able to calm her. Asher has a stalker ex girlfriend and maybe CJ can help.

Well I liked this story to a degree. First off it ended in a cliffhanger and I am really getting to hate that as more and more stories are ending that way. The story is really unrealistic how can you wake up in a strange place you would not be calmed down by said stranger , not in today's world. I do like the Cinderella aspect  of the story. The story was pretty good for the most part

I did like the characters . So all and all not the worst story I have read

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.