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What's Love Got To Do With It (Somewhere, TX Bachelors Book 2) - Emma Cavalier;Ian Cecil;Désie Filidor;Karine Géhin;Alain Giraudo;Roman K.;Stéphane Lourmel;Gilles Milo-Vacéri;Chloé Saffy;Danny Tyran;Katlaya de Vault

Due to his grandfather’s terms in his will, TJ Stinson needs to find a bride fast. Unlike his brothers, he decides to take the direct approach and places an ad in the paper. Anna Granger owns a local horse ranch in Somewhere, but she’s in desperate need of money to continue it. When she witnesses the first day of TJ’s wife interviews, she decides to apply herself. TJ is instantly intrigued by the smart blond and decides she’s the one he wants the arrangement with. However, when she keeps getting cold feet, he’s not sure what to do to get her to change her mind.
I really loved this story. I loved the growing TJ had to go through to accept that he could have real happiness as well as everything Anna had to go through. I highly recommend.
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review