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Secured Mail - Kate Pearce

Sven is actually from planet Valhalla and is to serve the queen , Thea is a body guard liaison between the royals and their security on earth . Thea doesn’t feels like she needs someone to protects her and that is a very different concept for Sven . Because Thea has been hurt she is only interested in one night stands . Sven finds Thea and they have a very intense one night stand But then Sven wants more than that with Thea .

I didn’t particularly like reading of several men on one women even if its what she wanted for her pleasure something wrong there as far as I am concerned . Some of the sexual acts themselves  I would have rather not even skimmed over  .  i just didn’t enjoy reading about them .  but I did enjoy the story and plot for the most part . Also the twists and turns Thea and Sven went through were enjoyable .A lot of sex but that is not necessarily a bad thing at all . All and all not a bad story to read just not one of my favorites

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.