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Wild Hawk - Justine Dare, Justine Davis

Jason was the product of his mother’s affair with a married man. Aaron his father has died and Jason wants to go to the funeral to show his disrespect and hatred for his father. Kendall was Aaron’s assistant for years and tried to talk to Jason st the funeral and that Aaron had wanted to make amends to his son. Joson simply doesn’t want to hear anything about Aaron. Then there is a book that appears to Jason as he is the last Hawk left but he also wants nothing to do with that. Also there is an attraction between Kendall and Jason.

I liked this book and plot. Characters were good. In the beginning I didn’t  like Jason but grew to understand him more as the story went on. Villians were definitely villains in this story and all evil.All and all good story. I recommend.

I received an ARc of this story for an honest review.