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Good Story

Too Hot to Handle: A Boys of Summer Novel (The Boys of Summer Book 2) - Katie Rose

Nikki is hired to clean up the New Jersey Sonics image, and hopefully increase ticket sales. Jake is one of the stars of the team. He also has a golden glove award. Then another side of him is a ladies man. Ryan his team mate bets Jake he can’t make Nikki fall in  love with him . Jake takes the bet. There is a strong attraction between Nikki and Jake. but Nikki is trying to ignore it as she has been hurt before.

I liked the story as well as the plot. Although this is s little predictable and I have read other books very similar to this one i still liked the story. I really liked the characters especially Nikki and Jake.and the ups and downs they go through. All and all a good read and I recommend.

**I received an ARC of this story for an honest review