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Excellent Story and Characters and Overall Series

Tempting Ecstasy - Setta Jay

After another mission on the Earth plane, the Guardian Conn catches his fated mate’s scent. He has hoped for a millennia that there was someone special for him and now that he’s found her he can’t wait to meet her. Dacia and her siblings all live on Earth. They have been looking for other Immortals but have yet to find any. When Dacia decides to get her own place and finds a handsome stranger at her new house that makes her body sing, she doesn’t know what to do. She certainly doesn’t know what to think of the strange story he tells her. When he and his Guardian brethren relocate her and her sisters to Tetaros, she’s still not sure what to believe, only that she’s finding it really hard to resist him.

This has been my favorite Guardian so far. I loved the patience Conn showed towards his mate as he introduced her to himself and his world, even though he was finding harder and harder to resist. In most books where there are fated mates, strangers or not, they just jump at each other. It was a nice change. Of course, when they did start, whew! I enjoyed seeing the interactions with the other fated mates from the other books as well as the overall storyline of this series. I highly recommend to anyone that likes this genre.

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review