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Great Anthology

Vikings Untamed: 7 modern Viking erotic, paranormal and science fiction romances (Not Your Mother's Vikings Book 2) - Kate Pearce, Anne Marsh, Crystal Jordan, Zoe York, Holley Trent, Dayna Hart, Sela Carsen

Vikings Untamed - 5 Stars

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**

WARNING - I highly recommend reading while in front of a fan. This is an anthology by various authors, each with a viking/norse mythology theme. I highly recommend.

-Viking Desire Crystal Jordan 5 Stars

Sif and Thor have been married for centuries, but have been separated for several hundred years. After an attack, Sif and Thor escape together, but will they finally be able to put aside their bitterness and clear up misunderstandings?

This was a great read. It was quick but you get a full story with plenty of hotness. I’ve not really read much Norse Myth-based stories, but this one wanted me to find more.

-Bound by the Viking Anne Marsh 5 Stars

Colden is a warrior that shifts into a bear when he goes berserk. When he is temporarily put in charge of a wolf pack, he can’t help but come to Bera’s rescue. When the new pack leader offers her up as his mate, Colden can’t resist. Now he must convince Bera to stay with him.

This was another full story that moved really quickly and made me want more. The author did a great job in giving a full and satisfying story. Highly recommend

-A Viking's Bride Zoe York 5 Stars

Aldric knows that Navena is The One for him, but convincing her to give him more than just friends is easier said than done. When he rescues her from a prison, the only way to do it is marriage. Now he must convince her to be his bride for real.

Great read, even for a space story. Normally I’m not crazy for space stories but this was was really great and kept moving. Highly recommend.

-The Wild Fen Dayna Hart 5 Stars

Thora is an unsuspecting daughter of Thor. On the cusp of when she will either gain powers or continue to be an unsuspecting human, her boss asks her brother Fen to keep an eye on  her. Fen is the son of Loki and a shape shifter. As soon as he sees Thora, he is drawn to her. The question is whether or not he’ll get to keep her.

This was a nice combination of Norse Mythology and an MC ran by a demi-god who helps victims. It moved really quickly and gave a great overall story. I highly recommend.

-A Most Wanted Viking Sela Carsen

-Didn’t read. The storyline didn’t interest me.

- Vikings Pride Holly Trent 3

This is a story of the Afotama. Erin is quiet and a loner. She has a crush on a man named Jody and when she sees him in a compromising position, she goes to leave and runs into Will, the former boy next door. Will knows Erin is meant to be his, even though he hasn’t seen her in many years. Now he has to figure out a way to get her to accept him.

This story was ok. There were some inconsistencies that I didn’t really care for, but overall not a bad story.

- Viking Claimed Kate Pierce 3

Aki is a viking warrior who was frozen in ice for over 4,000 years. He was recently thawed out and is having problems adjusting to life in outer space and with foreign planets. When he sees  Elli for the first time, he starts to see what is appealing to his twin brother about having a mate. A chance meeting leads Aki to Morek, a man who tells him he’s been waiting for him for 10 years. Now all he has to do is get Elli to accept him.

This was a decent story. Like the others, it was pretty fast paced. There was a full story. I didn’t get a full emotional connection with these characters like the others did. All in all, still worth the read.