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Claimed by the Mate, Vol. 1: A BBW Werewolf Menage 2-in-1 Romance (Wolf Games) - Kate Douglas, A.C. Arthur

Feral Passions - Kate Douglas 4.5 Stars

Work-minded Chereza DuBios has been talked into going to a women-only private resort with her sister and her sister's best friend. After putting up with others' negative opinions about her voluptuous body, including her parents, she has a hard time accepting that two of the lodge workers might be interested in her. What she doesn't know is that the resort was designed for shifter men to find a mate in the right environment that will accept them.

This was a really good, hot read. The characters were well drawn out. The author did a great job in creating a world I'd like to read more about.

Great read with great characters. I recommend it to anyone that likes this genre.

The Alpha's Woman by A.C. Arthur 3 Stars

Kira Radney's mother was murdered three months ago. That should have made her Alpha Female of her father's pack. Instead, it left her vulnerable to attacks. She ended up fleeing. While trying to get to her mother's people, she's taken by Blaez, an alpha of another pack, and locked in his house under his reasoning that he's protecting her.

I was iffy about this story. There were pieces I didn't like, pieces that really didn't make much sense, and other pieces I didn't mind. There were parts of Blaez that were bothersome until you read more and got to know him. Kira didn't have too much depth until about halfway through the story, which is about where it picked up my interest. Overall, not bad. I probably wouldn't buy it by itself, but not a bad read while included with other stories like in this set.

**I received an ARC for this story in exchange for an honest review**