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Great Story, Great Characters

My Highland Bride (Highland Hearts) - Maeve Greyson

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**

Colum is the womanizing man-at-arms for his clan. When he is ordered by his chief's wife and mother-in-law to cut the womanizing and guard his chief's sister, he grudgingly does it until he gets a look at her. Kenna is from a long line of time-traveling witches. She also has several other powers that she keeps under wraps. When her grandmother tells her it's time to leave the 21st century and come back to 13th century Scotland, she's not exactly happy. When she is transported through and sees Colum, she's almost ready to accept her fate, until she looks in his memories and sees some of what Colum had been up to in the past. Can he convince her that he feels she's worth changing?

This book was pretty good from the beginning. I did start to fear it was be like most typical highlander romances and was pleasantly surprised with the twists that the author wrote for the character, even as I was yelling at them for their actions. I really liked Kenna's independence and her loyalty to her family and Colum's determination to win over his soul mate.

I'd recommend this story to anyone that likes this genre.