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Great Story, Great Characters

Southern Shifters: A Wolf to Bear (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Dee Carney

Sable is a pure-bred wolf and on the run from her over-bearing family who have basically sold her off to marry another pure-bred wolf not of her choosing. She runs to the neutral zone hoping to find a safe haven. Instead she finds Murphy, a surly loner she can't help but be pulled to...Murphy wants nothing to do with the she-wolf that's landed on his door, even when he figures out she's supposed to be his fated mate. He's a bear mixed hybrid and has seen nothing but trouble from his parents mating. In the end, he just can't resist...

I've read several books in this kindle world and, while the others were also really good, this one is my favorite. The author did a great job mixing a full story in a short format. She put in just enough that you got a good feel for the main characters and the struggles they are going through. I highly recommend.