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Wicked Wolf Shifters (Books 1-4): BBW Werewolf Paranormal Romance Serial Box Set - Anna Craig

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**

Cassandra Wakefield was her town’s surrender to the wolf pack this year. A ridiculous tradition that forced a strict policy upon all females under the age of 22. Cassie was almost 22 and since she had never been picked yet, she thought she was in the clearing and started planning a real life, even though secretly she wanted to know what it would be like...Trevor Reginald is the pack alpha and honestly kind of bored with the tradition of the surrender. Half the time he doesn’t really even participate anymore. So when he sees Cassie and his mind starts screaming MATE, he’s very resistant, especially since she’s human and no wolf has ever mated with a human…

I’m very happy that I was able to read all for serials together because once I got through most of the first serial and saw that it definitely wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, I couldn’t stop reading. It moved pretty quickly, but the author built a pretty good plot with lots of hawtness. I especially liked Trevor’s POV. I felt that the way he struggled with his inner pain brought even more to the story. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend this book.