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Great Story, Great Characters

The Prince and I (The Oxenburg Princes) - Karen Hawkins

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Max Romanovin, warrior prince of Oxenburg, is escorting his elderly grandmother, who just might be a Romany witch, to an unwanted house party in Scotland when they are robbed by the Scottish Robin Hood! During the invasion, Max can tell that not everything is as it seems with this band of merry men. He's actually correct, when he finds that Robin Hood is actually Lady Murian, the widow of the Lord that had previously owned the place Max and his grandmother are headed. As Max keeps getting drawn more and more in by Murian, he begins the task of unraveling what really happens when people are in the earl's line of fire.  I loved this little twist on the tale of Robin Hood. Murian was definitely stubborn enough for the title. She stands tall for her people and refuses to take the defeat given to her by the earl lying down. Every time she goes up against Max and his take-charge attitude, even with the best of intentions, the poor man gets so confused he can't tell his head from a hole in the ground. He just knows he can't help but help her and he can't get her out of his head. However, I have to say, Tata Natasha is definitely my favorite character. She had me laughing out loud at one point.
This was a great book with great characters. I highly recommend.