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Great Story

Evil Never Dies (The Lizzy Gardner Series) - T.R. Ragan

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**

Hayley, Kitally and Lizzy are part of Lizzy Gardner investigations, but now the three were going after evil people themselves. They had a list of their own of 10 criminals and brought their own brand of justice to these people. Kitally had a brother, who at the age of 6, was taken. Hayley was screwed up and felt her friends knew it.

There are really three main characters, Hayley, Kitally and Lizzy, and they are family. They can be caring to people who deserve it, as well as kind and considerate. they all care about the underdog and how evil goes on and how some people get away with the evil that they do.

There were great characters, with a really good plot and overall story. I highly recommend it.