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Much Ado About Sweet Nothing - Alison   May

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**

Sweet Nothing is author Alison May’s modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, a comedy of errors where two people that are meant to be together mistakenly break up and two other people who’ve hated each other for years finally rekindle their love.

I can honestly say that, while I love Shakespeare and have read several of his plays, this isn’t one of them, so I can honestly say there’s no criticism towards someone trying to remake a book from a master. That being said, I thought the author did pretty good with this remake. Each chapter was short but went between the four primary players. Reading Claudio’s and Henrietta’s chapters during the first half of the book kind of bordered on nauseating for me as the feelings were super sugary sweet. Reading Trix’s and Ben’s POV were a lot like reading a book in Penny’s and Sheldon’s (both from Big Bang Theory) POV. Trix is a romantic cynic who, at this point in her life, is determined she’s destined to be alone. She subconsciously blames Ben for what he did in college. Ben is a mathematician who I picture a Sheldon’s double, with a bit less self-importance. He’s completely clueless on natural human interactions and think’s love is a figment of the imagination. When Ben and Trix are around each other, they can’t help but goad the other into huge arguments that never seem to end well. The story also includes a number of great side characters.

I think the book would have been great had it just been Ben and Trix (most likely 5 stars). However, it was well written and I’d still recommend it to people that like modern takes on classics and don’t mind when the POVs switch and occasional flashbacks for better understandings.