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The Best of Both Rogues (Rival Rogues) - Samantha Grace

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**

Eve Thorne was jilted at the alter by Benjamin Hillary two years before. She was never given a reason as he left and went to India. She accepted another man’s proposal and now he’s back and seems to be turning up everywhere she goes.

Overall this was a decent story. It had the makings of being really great. I really liked Eve’s character during the first half of the book, but when she forgives him easily after just a few words, I felt it wasn’t deserved yet as he still hadn’t really given her a reason. From his POV, we already basically know why he left and his reasoning, which is definitely different from a lot of the historical romances.

There weren’t really many huge plot points or pivotal moments, but it was decently written and there were definitely some funny parts. I did like the subterfuge of the second fiancé’s character. I think anyone that likes historical romances will like it.