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Great Story, Great Characters

Sinclair Justice -

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Mercy Rothchild was driving from Washington DC to Amarillo Texas. She had a new job as Historic Preservation Trust Officer, but she also had another mission. Her sister Yancy had been missing over 6 months and her niece Jennifer had been missing even longer. Mercy was arrested for going 50 miles above the speed limit on her way to Amarillo. The Texas Ranger who arrested her was the man she needed to persuade not to destroy two old buildings, Ross Sinclair. Mercy also hoped Ross would help do something about her sister and her niece.
Mercy was a good person. She was caring and smart. When she loved someone there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for them. She was daring and brave. She took a chance and did end up finding love. I truly liked her character in the twists and turns in this story. Ross was a good man. He was brave and strong, physically and mentally. He stuck to the law, which was his job. He was determined and he cared for his family, as well as his best friend and his family. He was getting a little weary of being a ranger. Ross was also a really good character and very interesting in the twists and turns as he found love and a dream he thought would never come true.
This was was really good story. It had a great plot and characters. I highly recommend it to those that like this genre.