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Roar for Her: A BBW Paranormal Weretiger Shape Shifter Romance (Sassy Shifter Brides Book 4) - Anya Nowlan

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Teresa is a substitute teacher, bent out of shape but her inability to open up small minds in the small towns she’s surrounded with. She really longs to have a husband and a bunch of kids and make some sort of difference with community children. Along the way, she’s joined SassyDate a dating app that matches shifters with women willing to accept them. She’s been communicating with Slate, a  Bengal tiger that lives in Idaho and wants her to vacation with him in the mountains to help him take pictures of the area. He’s currently the only bright spot in her life, so she agrees after having another bad day. When Slate finally sees Teresa for the first time, he knows she’s the one for him. The problem is she’s a human and he’s entered his Bonding phase, which means he should be mating with another tiger, but his body, heart and mind only want Teresa.
This was probably my favorite in the SassyDate series so far. Even though it was short and sweet, it really didn’t feel rushed. It was a full story and the author put in the right details that the relationship and feelings didn’t feel fake. Slate risking the inability to have children to make sure Teresa knew what she was getting into and not forcing her made him a favorite for me. I liked Teresa’s determination to try to make a difference while living in a state that’s still way behind made her instantly likable.
I highly recommend this book and this series for anyone that likes quick full stories about a burgeoning group of shifters trying to build their own community.