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Great Story, Great Characters

Rum Punch Regrets (Volume 1) by Kemp, Anne (2012) Paperback - Anne Kemp

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Abby thought the plain was going to crash just when she finally got to go to the Caribbean. Abby had a sister named Leigh who had paid for Abby to go to the Caribbean. She needed Abby to wrap up the sale of her house. Leigh was 20 years older than Abby. She had a tenant and he was a vet student. Abby was to let him know the house was being sold. Maria and Ziggy were the property managers.

Abby was a girl who had been hurt and was down on her luck. She was intelligent and could be stubborn. She grew during this story. She learned how to stand up for herself. She learned about herself.

I enjoyed the story. The plot and characters were really good. I highly recommend this book