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Good Read, Good Characters

Wherever Lynn Goes - Jennifer Wilde

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Lynn Morgan was 26, had worked for the Sunday Supplement for 5 years, and was very happy to be leaving. History was Lynn's first love. Phillip Ashton-Croft was one of the most prestigious publishers in London. Books he published were the last word in scholarship and impeccable taste. Lynn had written some articles on the court of Louis XIV and Phillip Ashton-Croft felt they could be expanded into a book. Contact was offered and Lynn had a new publisher. Lynn had met Lloyd three months ago. He was a lawyer. Mandy was her good friend and roommate. The girls had been getting phone calls for two months by someone saying they were Lynn's daddy.
Lynn was an old fashioned woman in a lot of ways. She cared about her friend Mandy. She could be stubborn at times. She was a good person. Throughout the story, she tried to show she wasn't frightened even though she was. She was a smart woman and by the end of the story she found her true love in the oddest of ways.
I liked the characters, the plot and the story. I really liked the twists and turns. I recommend this book to anyone that likes this genre.