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Death by Coffee - Alex Erickson

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Krissy's dad was a mystery writer. Her best friend's name is Vicky, who had called and ask her if she wanted to start a combination book store/coffee shop. Krissy was happy to say yes as she had a retail job and hated it. Both girls loved books and coffee and had grown up together. The name of the store was Death By Chocolate, the name of Krissy's dad's most popular book.
Krissy's dad is a mystery writer so she tries to find things that are wrong or that she thinks are wrong and then find the answers. She loves her dad and her best friend Vicky. She is loyal and true, but also curious and determined.
I read the whole book, but it dragged. I found it hard, in regards to keeping my attention.