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Great Story, Great Characters

Witches Be Burned: A Magic & Mayhem Novel - Stacey Kennedy

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Kyden had teleported from the Other World to the large Earth. Other World was a planet as small as Vatican City and a population of 800. Nighttime, when humans slept, the Council's Guard hunted killers on Earth. Alazar was an athletic tracker who was also a werewolf. Kyden speaks to Alazar, then Detective Myles, who was a vampire. Each member of the Council's Guard played an important role: werewolves, with the heightened sense of smell, could track killers, vampires could glamour minds, witches could use magic. Nexi, who was a witch and new to her powers, had one flaw. She put others' safety before her own. Lazarus was a vampire who wanted to go back to the old ways. He killed Nexi's mother for the power in her blood, then he decided to return for Nexi. He and his werewolves had almost killed Nexi and Kyden. Nexi was a spirit witch blessed with all four elements. She had mastered air and fire.
Nexi was a strong person, just learning of her magical powers. She was loyal and true. She was also kindhearted and basically a sweet person. She loved her friends and deeply loved Kyden. I really loved her character. Kyden was a soldier and all that meant. He loved Nexi with all he had. He was strong and good. He fought to keep humans and his world safe. He also was a thoroughly enjoyable character.
The story and plot were excellent. I highly recommend it.