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Great Story, Great Characters

Love Beyond Sanity (The Outsiders #2) - Rebecca Royce

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Dr. Jason Randall believes in facts and science. When he was 12, he made a decision to stop dreaming of the girl on the hill as there was no place in his life for fantasies. Now at almost 30, he's stuck inside his head with something evil he thinks is another figment of his imagination. When the now full grown version of his 12yr old friend also appears, he thinks his brain is working overtime and refuses to believe her when she tells him she's real. Charma is one of 18 of a special race called Outsiders. When she was young, she dreamed of her other half, her perfect mate and couldn't wait to find him. When she was 12, he disappeared from her dreams. Thinking the evil demons found and killed him, she mourned the loss. When she and another Outsider find Jason in a coma, she can't believe he's still alive. When she uses her powers to try to get him out of his coma, she gets trapped in his head and infuriated when he refused to believe she's real. When they finally break free and Jason has to deal with this new reality, he must convince Charma to forgive him.
After seeing her "cousin" Kal find his destined mate, Charma is happy for them, but longs for the mate she believes is dead. During the book, she goes through a lot of emotional changes, including finding inner strength to fight the demons that she never knew she had. Jason's life and thought process does a complete 360 during the book. He goes from being a scientific doctor to a warrior with great powers.
I loved the continuation of the Outsiders series. I dove right into this book and didn't stop until it was done. The growth, change, and acceptance the characters go through in this book was very enjoyable to read. I highly recommend this series.