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Good Read, Good Characters

Ripped: A Blood Money Novel - Edie Harris

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Tobias realized he was different from the rest of his family of 7. With him, family is never the enemy. He was 32. He graduated Harvard Law School at 21. Tobias felt there was a wrongness in him his siblings didn't possess. Polnoch' Pulya was a market arms organization known across the world. It's known as the most lethal of such organizations. Nash almost killed Tobias's baby sister Beth through torture. Chandler McCallister was in Tobias's way to the people who almost killed Beth. Chandler called Tobias "Toby" and he wasn't the type you gave a nickname to. Tobias worked with the movers and shakers and policy-makers on Capital Hill. Chandler was rather famous for being able to make make-shift weapons seemingly out of nothing. She herself says she's a self-serving person, but when given, she does keep her word. Chandler says she will take Tobias to Moscow and get him inside the Polnoch' Pulya. She will even try to get him back out. Nash was dead, but Beth had been tortured for 4 days before she was rescued. Nash was Chandler's long-time field partner. The Russians are demanding Beth's head for her part in the death of Polnoch' Pulya's leader.
I found Chandler to be mentally and physically tough, having no choice in her line of work, but really it started as a young girl. Chandler is smart. The only one she care's about is her twin Pip, who is all she has. She would do anything to keep her sister safe and happy. Chander's not proud of what she's done, but she is loyal and she keeps her word. She grows in this story, even learning to love outside of her sister. I found Tobias to be a man above men. He is a genius. He loves his family and will do anything to keep them safe and make sure they feel safe, but Tobias has never had times for relationships except for with family and employees. He is honorable, loyal and sticks to his word. He is also physically and mentally strong. He also is able to grow and find love.
The story was slow in some spots, but altogether a good story and plot. I would recommend it.