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The Werewolf Wears Prada (Entangled Covet) (San Francisco Wolf Pack) - Kristin Miller

Melina Rae Rosenthal lived her entire life repeating her mantra, "Life is not a fairy tale". Her best friend was Colleen. Hayden Dean was San Francisco's business mogul millionaire magnet. Melina works for Celebrity Crush Magazine but longs to work for Eclipse, the city's leading fashion magazine. Gabriel Park was Hayden's pack mate, secondary, and most trusted friend. He got Hayden out of so many sticky situations he deserved a metal. Lydia Hyde was pack mate and co-founder of Dean, Hyde, and Hamilton and managing editor of Eclipse Magazine. Hayden was a 200yr old turned wolf. He'd been adopted by Angus Dean who was San Fransisco's wolf pack Alpha. He'd died last year. Hayden must have a make over if he wants to be named Alpha. If Hayden took everything more seriously, maybe the council would take him more seriously. A leader of a rogue pack identifies himself as Archer. The rogues state that they won't watch Hayden, a turned wolf, become leader of the wolf pack. First thing to change, per Melina was to go to a stylist.
Melina was hurt once by Hayden. She planned eventually to get revenge. She was goal-oriented. She loved fashion. and she wanted to find Prince Charming but she stopped looking. She was caring, determined and could hold a grudge. Hayden was supposed to be a party boy who'd had his share of women. He was strong, private and very few people really knew him. He trusted few, but he was caring and noble. He did a lot of growing during the twists and turns of this story to become the Alpha he was meant to be. I enjoyed this and recommend it.