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Wolf - Nicole James

Wolf is a member of the Evil Dead MC. Crystal's job was cleaning club's clubhouse and managing the bar. Crystal portrayed herself as being tough but she had a girly side. Her involvement with Wolf was very complicated. Crystal was a complicated contraction, tough and edgy on the outside, but soft on the inside that she only showed on occasion. She was the only one that understood the beast inside Wolf. Wolf didn't know if he could do a real relationship. He had been ordered by the club President to either go into a relationship with Crystal or set her loose.
I found Crystal to be a strong person. She loved her man with all she had, but she finally had to walk away with her heart shattering. You really learn to care for Crystal and all she went through and you cheer her on. Wolf was a very strong, tough man. He did what had to be done as far as the club went, but he had a lot of personal doubts about himself and relationships. Crystal was in his blood. It was great to watch him grow and got to root him on.
It was a great book with a great plot. I thought the author did a great job writing about an MC Club without making it gritty and something I wouldn't want to read. What can I say, I loved it and highly recommend it.