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Takes a While To Get Where Its Going But Good Plot

Twisted - Andrew E. Kaufman

Chris Kellan works at Loveland Psychiatric hospital. He is a psychologist. Alpha 12 is the worst of the worst: killers, rapists, dark souls that have an incurable addiction to evil. Christ works with Dr. Adam Wiley. Adam is a neurologist. He works on the medical side of things. Donnie Ray Smith is being transferred from the Miller Institute of Northern Arizona. The Neurologist from Miller said Donnie was memory malingering. His crimes were murdering young girls. So far he was only caught on the last one, a 6yr girl. Altogether there were 10 girls tied to him. With Chris, the most important thing is his son, and he must be kept safe.
I found Chris to be a very intelligent man who loves his wife, but his son is his all. The journey he travels through in this book at times can bring you to tears. This was a pretty good book, but it sometimes drags, but there's something always keeping you reading. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it as it takes so long to get where it's going, but it is a good plot.