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Incriminating Evidence (Evidence Series Book 4) - Rachel Grant

Isobel was walking down slope in the Tanana Valley State Forest on day 4 doing an archeological survey. Her employer was the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Isobel found a man with blood covering his face. Isobel's brother had been murdered and the Raptors boss may have covered his murder up. Isobel was drinking buddies with Nicole, who was a Raptor op. Raptor Company CEO was Alec, which was a paramilitary mercenary organization. Isobel's brother Vin had been in the army and then joined the Raptors. Isobel usually got the itch to move about every 8 months after being somewhere, but was in Tamarack Alaska for her quest to prove Vin was murdered. Isobel was 14 when she lost her parents, but Vin changed the course of his life so she didn't end up in foster care. Alec had been Vin's boss. Isobel mostly hangs out with Nicole at The Roadhouse. Alec is stepping down to concentrate on his campaign to become a senator. Alec was the man that Isobel saved.

Isobel is a wanderer. She has walls that she doesn't let anyone in except her brother, whom she cared deeply for. She's a loyal and caring person. She's very inquisitive and has a single-minded determination when she puts her mind to it. It was enjoyable to see her walls start to come down and learn to care and trust. Alec is a very rich man but didn't really use his money advantageously. He was determined and had proved himself without his family and monetary influence. He's very strong, very smart and a good man. He's tore by the treachery of people he trusted. He has a dedication to his country and people I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.