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Resounding Truth: (Werewolf Novella) (The Resounding Series) - Kate Thomas, Nicole Hewitt, Book Cover by Design

Drucilia is the daughter of the former Alpha of the Grayback wolf pack. She was raised to be mated to Derik, the current Alpha and the one that killed her father to get the position. Instead, Derik denied her as a mate, which was a good thing because even though he forces an attraction on her, she can't stand him and refuses to bow down to him. The only one she cares about protecting is her sister Karis. When a lone alpha appears as the pack is endangered, he just might be the alpha she's been waiting for.
Even though she's a female, Dru is a total Alpha. While her sister is her top priority, she is dedicated to and worries about her pack.
Even though this was a novella, I thought the author did an excellent job in giving a full story and creating a new world. The characters were pretty well developed.