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A Santini in Love (The Santinis Book 6) - Melissa Schroeder

Madison Baker had been a marine until a roadside bomb tragically ends her career. Two years later and still dealing with PTSD, she agrees to dinner at a friend's house, only to encounter Dante Santini, a fellow marine she was competitive with at school and her best friend's twin brother. All Dante remembers for Madison is how she bested him. When he sees her gain, he starts to remember how beautiful she was and how he couldn't stop thinking about her. When Madison witnesses a murder, Dante is the one she turns to and he's the only one who believes her. It doesn't take Dante long to realize he has the Santini curse.
I don't read many contemporaries because for some reason, they don't keep my interest very long. However, every time I read Melissa Schroeder's books, I don't have such problems. I love her characters, the relationships they carry between books, and how she honors our military with her stories and trying to truly represent them.
This is the second Santini story I've read. I loved the strength that Madison showed as she dealt her PTSD and trying to reintegrate into a normal life. Dante came through like a true hero, showing strength and faith in her especially when nobody else did. I loved her interaction with her parents in the end. I can't wait to read more about the Santinis!