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Claiming His Mate - Savannah Stuart

Lauren Hayes was a 25yr old jaguar shifter. She was sneaking into Grant Kincade's wolf pack area in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Grant was the alpha of the Kincade wolf pack. He was 200 years old and on his honeymoon. Lauren's cousin Tommy was a thief. When she was 12 he taught her a lot. Lauren's sister Stacy was getting married soon and Grant's wolf pack had an heirloom locket that belonged to Lauren's Pride. Max McCray was second in command and was in charge while Grant was away. Lauren could mask her scent, which was unusual, but only mates are able to scent their true scent. Max caught Lauren breaking into his alpha's house, and things moved quickly from there.
It was a pretty good story, although pretty short in length. I would still recommend it.