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Reckless (The Forever Series) - Priscilla West

Jan and her co-worker Riley lived in Manhattan. One night they decided to go to the Wallabee Pub. The Cocks did an impromptu show. Riley felt as if the lead singer were a siren. After the show, the lead singer went to Riley and told her to meet him backstage. She nicknamed the rock star "Stud". The next day Riley received a text that she was going on the road with a bad as their tour accountant. Her job was to get the band to cuts their costs as they were spending too much. Jax was the lead singer from Saturday night. He nicknamed her "Pepper".
Jax is a troubled man that has tried to keep his past hidden. he's not a bad person but he's very moody. He's used to the rock star life, but "Pepper" is somehow different. Riley tried to really focus on her work and tried to fight her attraction to "Stud' She was a work-driven woman and there was a promise of a large bonus if she succeeded in this job. She grew close to the entire band, including Jax. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next one. I liked the twists and turns. It's not just a romance full of fluff. I recommend this to anyone that likes romances but likes a bit more to the storyline.