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Huntress Moon - Alexandra Sokoloff

Roarke is an FBI agent in San Francisco. Damien Epps is his right-hand man. Greer is an undercover agent that was supposed to meet Roarke but was killed by a semi. Roarke, Agent Wu, from another division, and Jay Harrison, a civilian, were witnesses to the accident. All three men noticed a blond-haired woman in black talk to Greer just before he stepped across the street. Something just doesn't seem right. Roarke had no basis to build a profile on the woman, who probably caused Greer's fall to death. Roarke does a search and gets two hits, one in Portland and one in Utah. Portland's killing was 9 months ago, and Utah's was one and a half years ago.

Roarke is a very determined person, kind of like a pit bull with a steak, even if it's against the odds. He goes with his gut feelings as they are usually right.  He's a bit abrasive, even though he doesn't mean to be, leaving Epps to smooth things over and put people at ease. He's kind of a loner since his divorce. You really like him throughout the book and side with him, even when his own right-hand man doesn't.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found it hard to put down. I'm looking forward to the second installment. Highly recommend.