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Just Didn't Work For Me

In Love With A Warrior (Gunn Guardsman (Book 4)) - Kara Griffin

This is the story of James Gunn, a guardsman of a Scottish lord, and Emlyn, a princess from Wales that would rather be on a battlefield than in a dress.  James is a guardsman that arrives at Emlyn's home with his army to assist in a treaty between her father and another ruler. Rather than be turned over to the enemy, Emlyn seeks James' help in escape.

I know that many romance novels rely on the reader's belief in love at first sight, and when it's a good story, I can totally believe it. However, for this story, it just didn't work for me, especially considering his first sight is of Emlyn skinny dipping. One of the biggest problems I had with the story is that Emlyn is supposed to be an independent female warrior and yet right from the first moment she saw James, I felt she totally broke that character. I know some might argue the love at first sight theory, but considering she hadn't even been a virgin beforehand, their interactions just felt like anything but love. I also found it hard to believe the situation of her parents. I can't believe that a kind, who doesn't seem to have much feelings for his wife, would let her dictate so much on his rulings.